• Armor Beads
  • DHB-200
  • Volume (L): 0.7L, temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ to 150℃.
  • DHB-200
  • Armor Beads
  • Volume (L): 0.7L, temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ to 150℃.
LAWSON Scientific Beads Bath Thermostat (constant temperature metal beads bath) features innovative design that sets it apart from traditional metal baths and water (oil) baths. The modular components of this new constant temperature metal armor beads bath utilize LAWSON Scientific´s newly launched Beads Block module. This breakthrough design not only exceeds the upper limit of water bath boiling point (100℃), but also avoids the limitations of traditional metal bath module apertures. It is suitable for a variety of common laboratory containers, such as centrifuge tubes, test tubes, microplates, and cover glasses, and can accommodate test tubes of any shape and volume. The LAWSON constant temperature metal beads bath provides excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy. The compact and lightweight design of the armor beads bath module reduces the demand for different sized modules in traditional metal baths, thus better serving your laboratory needs.
Product Features
1. Innovative design with specially designed beads in the module, enabling experiments that cannot be carried out in traditional water baths.
2. Can be operated for long periods without needing to plan water bath times. No risk of burning due to water evaporation.
3. Clean and hygienic: monthly disinfection of the beads with 70% ethanol is sufficient, with no need to use disinfectants to clean the water bath tank.
4. Neat: no need for any accessories such as test tube racks, bottle clamps, or floats to fix the samples.
5. Reusable: the beads are made from recyclable metal.
6. More energy-efficient: more than 4 times more energy-efficient when the temperature is set to 65℃, and more than 2 times more energy-efficient at 37℃.
7. Quick start technology with built-in beads bath.

Advantages of the Metal Armored Bead Bath Series Products
1) Low risk: Keep the laboratory space dry; less prone to contamination.
2) Higher sample quality: The sample temperature can be kept constant both when moving and at rest.
3) Better results: Reagents can be kept at a constant temperature in the fridge or oven.
4) Time-saving: The bead bath is always full, clean, and can be operated for long periods of time.
5) Environmentally friendly: No pollution.
6) Cost-saving: No need for ice makers, modules, etc.

Technical Specifications  
Model: DHB-200
Temperature Control Range: Ambient temperature +5℃ ~ 150℃
Heating Time: ≤ 30 minutes (from 20℃ to 100℃)
Temperature Stability (@100~150℃): ≤±1℃
Temperature Stability (@40~100℃): ≤±0.5℃
Maximum Temperature Difference in Module @40℃: 0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity in Module: ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1℃
Maximum Timing: 99h59min
Maximum Temperature: 150℃
Maximum Power: 250W
Product Size: 260×220×85mm
Product Weight: ≤2.6kg

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Special Screwdriver (used for disassembling the mo Piece
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